Nostepinnes and niddy-noddies

 There are some amazing words associated with yarn. These are two of my favourites! What are they?

Well, a nostepinne is essentially a wooden stick, usually tapering, with a few grooves cut in it. It's used to help wind a ball of wool from a skein. Here's a You Tube video (no affiliation, but it's a clear video) to show you:

A niddy-noddy is used to wind wool into a skein. Again, easier to see it done than to try to explain it!

Why do I even know about these things?

Well, for one, I'm a fairly keen knitter (very late to the party, only learning how to knit about 18 months ago, but now knit most days). Two, the main female character in book #10 has a yarn business, and she uses them!

That's one of the things I love about writing - learning new words and researching specific things.

What are your favourite (new) words?