Cover Reveal & First Chapter

It's getting closer! Advanced copies of "Invasion" are away to my street-team (and I'm nervously awaiting their verdicts!). Time to reveal the cover and share with all of you the first chapter...


Five years have passed since Aeron and Faran helped to defeat the rogue Guides, and the Guardians and the people of The Realm have reached a new, albeit tetchy, equilibrium. The threat of civil war bubbles constantly, but so far, the Guardians have kept control. It won’t take much for that to change.

People have started to go missing from one of the villages, returning days later, emaciated, exhausted, and claiming to have been forced to work on a building in a strange world. Where are they being taken? And who is taking them there?

The foe threatening The Realm is far more sinister than the rogue Guides. They could destroy everything the Guardians rely on. Far from being the protectors of The Realm, the Guardians could be its destroyers.

Can Aeron and Faran find a way to save The Realm without sacrificing everything they hold dear? Or will The Realm finally fall?

Read the first chapter here.
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