What next?

"Invasion" launched on Saturday. Phew! With that out in the wild, what's next?

Next up, I'm finishing "A Promise Through Time" - a.k.a. "book #10" in a less imaginative name. This is a new departure for me, though I can see parallels with other things that I've written. It's a time-travel romance, set in the current-day and 1762 in the Highlands - an interesting post-Jacobite time, when life for the Highlanders was difficult. The first draft is ~85% done; maybe a little more. It's 67K long at the moment. I'm aiming for a final length of ~75K but I tend to underwrite in the first draft.

After that?


A while back, I swore off publishing more books set in The Realm. I even said it publicly on here. Part of me is still umming and ah-ing over this, for exactly the reasons given in that post. But three - three - more books are writing themselves in my head, all set in The Realm. Plus another book, not set there. Right now, I'm trying to figure out Amazon Ads. If I ever manage to get a decent return on investment and sales pick up, my decision not to publish more Realm books might change. Or I may decide to do things differently, and share things with subscribers, rather than sell them via Amazon. Either which way, I will probably write them. If you've enjoyed the books, please tell everyone you know, and then more of them may make it out of my laptop and into a book/ebook you can read, rather than it stay as a book only I read!

Missed the books when they launched at half price? Don't worry. The boxset of books 1-3 is still on sale at £2.99/$3.99 - a big saving over buying them individually! But the sale won't last for much longer, and I won't be reducing the price this low again for months, if ever.

Invasion is still on offer too (99p/99c) but this too won't be for much longer. 

Right now, you can get all four books for less than £4/$5. Don't miss out!

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