Back in The Realm...

Genuinely what my head feels like!
Nope. No one will be surprised at this news.

"Book #10" - the book I'd almost finished the first draft of just before New Year - is on the back-burner. I started going back through it after "Invasion" was launched and had to check a couple of things with an historian. The things I was checking were okay, but in the course of the conversation, I realised something else in the book (a major plot point...) wouldn't work. It was around the brother of the main character being in the army and stationed at Fort George. Except, he wouldn't have been stationed there, according to the historian (who knows about these things). That, coupled with a) another minor niggle with the plot and b) an overwhelming desire to be back with Aeron and Faran and... well. As I said. No one will be surprised to know I'm currently drafting a 5th book in the Guardians of The Realm series. 😁

I know... I know!! About a year ago I said I wouldn't be writing any more Realm books. But they just won't let me go. The characters keep chattering in my ear when I'm trying to concentrate on something else. They're like Siren Songs, calling me to the rocks so that I can dash my brains out.

It's fine. I love being in The Realm. It's a heck of a lot better than actually trying to live in The Real World most of the time. I can pretend I have a little control over what happens in The Realm (though, frankly, that isn't always within my grasp, either!).

Right now, I have outline plots for two more Realm books (though they could develop into three). That said, I also have ideas swirling for at least three other books, too, so it could be a busy few years ahead! "Book #10" will probably get finished, but the location will (sadly) have to shift away from Ardersier and Fort George and will possibly end up somewhere in England. I suspect the writing order will be Realm #5, Realm #6, "book #10", new series #1 (unless Realm #7 sneaks in there). Given that it will take me about 6 months to write/edit each book, that's 2 years of work, just in that list. And that's before I go away for a short vacation and come back with a head full of other new ideas.

Busy, busy, busy!