Author interview with Angela Nurse

I am absolutely delighted to be interviewing Angela this week. I first met Angela a couple of years back (when we could still meet in coffee shops, before covid struck) to talk about using Scrivener for writing, and also just to have a natter. Her first book Jack In A Box is just out, so I took the time to grill her about it, and about life in general.

Tell me more about your book?
Jack In A Box is book 1 in the Rowan McFarlane Mysteries. Rowan is a single mother to a teenager daughter and this is her first case as Private Detective. She was supposed to be joining her Uncle Jack’s agency when he gets murdered and this ends up being her first case.

What prompted you to write it?
I wanted to write a crime/mystery series with a female lead but not a police procedural because I wanted the main character to have more scope in their investigations and actions. I like books with characters you become invested in and I wanted to create a cast of characters around Rowan that readers would also be interested in.

What are you working on at the moment? Are there already plans for the next book after this one?

Book 2, Sally In The Woods, is already written and going through the edits process and I just finished the first draft of book 3 (current title Out Of Harmony) last week. The intention is for this to be a long running series.

When did you first start writing? And what made you start?
I have been writing for as long as I can remember and being an author has been my lifetime ambition. What made me start writing was the love of story and how you can be transported into other worlds, time periods and lives. I started writing in crime/mystery seriously in 2015. I had been tinkering with some ideas for a couple of years before I decided I needed to make my ambition a priority.

What was the first full-length novel you ever wrote? (I realise this may not be the same as the first book you have had published!)
The first full length novel was called Deadly Indiscretion and it was a police procedural. I was really proud of myself for writing it, but looking back I realise it wasn’t good enough to publish, although there are a couple of characters from that book I would like to resurrect.

Which is your favourite secondary character in your book, and why is it your favourite?
Sonya Grother, the pathologist because her relationship at the start of the book is complicated but develops into something quite special.

Where is your ideal writing space?
I have a desk in my spare room which is best generally as I tend to get less distracted there but I also like getting my laptop out when I’m away in my campervan on holiday because I find the words flow best when I’m relaxed.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever been given? (not necessarily writing-related!)
What will be worse trying and failing or getting to the end of your life regretting that you didn’t even try?

And now for some more random questions... 

What’s your radio tuned to most often?
I rarely listen to the radio these days but if I do it’s the local station Forth One. Generally I’m listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

You’re stranded on an island. You can choose one of the following three things. Which do you choose and why?
1. Limitless supply of paper and pens.
2. A computer which will never run out of battery and which can access the internet, but you can’t post anything/get help via it, only read what others have put up.
3. An endless supply of loo roll.

Definitely number 1 – because paper and pens gives you so many options, you can draw, write, make things – use it as loo roll make signs to get help. But mostly because I think that having the ability to write stories means you’re never truly alone.

You can only wear one of the following colours for the rest of your life. Which colour do you choose?
Yellow. Orange. Green. White. Pink.


Cats or dogs?
I like both and am allergic to both. I used to keep pet mice and I think they’re very under-rated as a pet

City or country?
Country – but even better country with the sea close by.

Real book or e-book?
Either. I truly have no preference.

Fountain pen or biro?
Always fountain pen

Thanks very much for letting me bombard you with questions! 

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