Someone new has come into my life...

First of all, he gave me a pebble that looked like the night sky, and told me to protect it with my life.

Then he gave me a shell with a small hole in it.

The following day, he told me his name.

Finally, he told me his story.

Yes... I went away for a short break in the Hebrides and, lo and behold, a new book has sprung forth. This always happens, and sometimes the new ideas aren't really a whole new book; they just get melted into whatever is the current work in progress. But, dear readers... I have started a new notebook! 

The cognoscenti among you will know that that means business. Only big ideas that have the legs to make it into a book (or series!) get a new notebook all to themselves. So, now I am attempting to write Realm #5 in a morning and Shiny New Thing in an afternoon. I swear this way madness lies, but if I don't write at least some of his story, I will be driven insane by him chittering away in my head.

When I had scenery like this, it's no great surprise that my imagination was on fire...