And... breathe...

I figured out the ending to the current book!

Allegedly, I'm a planner, not a pantser, so how on earth did I not know the ending of the book??

Good question. I actually had two potential endings and it depended on what was happening with the series as to which would be The Ending. If sales of the series were amazing, I would be writing Ending A, which would propel the series through two further books (to make 7 in total).

Or, if sales were still chuntering along and other things were burning holes in my brain, I would be writing a different ending.

Well, dear readers, sales are chuntering along and other things are most definitely burning holes in my brain, so Ending B it is.

Because it could have gone two different ways, I also hadn't actually planned much detail on either ending. I'd sketched out key points but nothing more. This morning, I've just had a fabulous writing session where the ideas flowed, and everything knitted together.

Now I just have to write it!