A couple of weeks ago, I teased that I had a new project on the cards, that involved a garden parasol and a blanket. These are for making myself a recording tent!

That's the set-up, in the corner of the room in the house furthest from the traffic. Under all that red blanket is a garden parasol - you can see the green tip of it at the top of the picture. Inside the tent is a second desk (my main desk is also in this room, but by the window). The lamp you can see behind the sofa (with the crumpled blanket on it) is now inside the tent.

Why? Why do I have a recording tent in the corner of my sitting room?

Because I'm going to be recording audiobook versions of all my books!

Now, this isn't going to happen overnight. A conservative estimate of how long each audiobook will be (finished product) is ~10-12 hours ("War" will be longer, given the book's length!). And the general indication is that it takes ~4-5x as long as the finished product to actually produce it. So 12 hours of recording will take 48-60 hours in total to produce. And I have four books in The Guardians of The Realm series, and another two books (crime/thriller) to do. That's a lot of hours and I have books to write.

So why am I doing this?

Well, hubby has asked me that too! Audiobooks are booming, so it seems daft not to have audiobook versions available. There are different ways of getting an audiobook done. I could pay someone to read it and produce it, but that's an expensive route. I could do a royalties share with someone, but I don't have ownership of the audiobook (so couldn't give away any copies to my newsletter subscribers, for example). Or, I could read it and do it myself, which is daunting, but do-able.

I'll keep you all posted over how I'm progressing. Newsletter subscribers will definitely be getting some goodies!