Juggling too much...

 ... as ever!

I'm working my way through the first draft before it goes off to Fiona, my editor. Yes, I do realise that in many ways I am doing the writing equivalent of tidying up before the cleaner arrives, but I want it to be in a reasonable state before I send it off.

Fiona books up well in advance, so I had to choose a start-date, long before I was even close to finishing the rough draft of the book. I went for November 1st, with the hope that I will have done my various edits before then, but thankfully, Fiona is very flexible and so if I need to shift the date, I can do.

On top of trying to get those edits sorted, I have a gazillion other things braying for my time and attention, so it might be a close call!

I may be some time...