This round of edits is DONE! The book is now away back to Fiona for the copy edit round. As ever, between the draft that went to Fiona for the structural/initial edit, and now, the book has grown. It's currently clocking in at just shy of 110K words (😮), which isn't quite as long as "War" was, but is longer than "Invasion". It's (currently) pretty similar in length to "Aeron Returns" which would make it ~400 pages in paperback form.

It's really odd to think that in a few weeks, that will be it. No more Guardians of The Realm books to write. The series is finished. Aeron and Faran are probably quite glad of that, after what I've put them through, but it will feel strange not to be in their world. I've been living in it on and off since 2014! Quite a lot of me is looking forward to writing something new and discovering new characters, but there is still a sizeable chunk of me that will be sad to see them go. These have been my favourite characters by a country mile. Of course, I am still writing about them, because they don't shut up and they fill my dreams, but these are just stories for me. I write them to get them out of my head. Well, I always write to get stuff out of my head and get a bit of peace from all the yabbering, but these genuinely will be just for me. I've no intention of ending up writing the equivalent of The Forsyte Saga only set in The Realm!

Before any new writing, I'm going to tackle the audiobooks. But before that I'm taking a bit of a break. With Dad's death, and the feeling of loss I always get when I finish a book, I need a bit of me-time.