Audiobook progress...

Well, I've almost finished editing the files. I need to record opening and closing credits and select a sample, and upload it all, but the hope is to have completed that by the end of the week. ACX then check the files, but I'm hoping that the audiobook will be available sometime in April. It will be done as far as my side is concerned...

The covers are almost all done (MiblArt are based in Ukraine, so there have been a couple of understandable delays!). All of the books are done; I'm just waiting on the audiobook cover for the box-set (as I'll be adding that, too, ultimately).

All very exciting (and a little scary!).

In other news, the final edits for "Chaos" are back, so as soon as I have finished all the work for the audiobook of "Aegyir Rises" I will be finalising the edits on "Chaos". All go!

I might need to have another look at my schedule for the next few weeks as we're getting the roof above where I record the audiobooks replaced... it might not be the quietest place in the house while that's happening!