I've finally managed to make a start on them. I know... I was supposed to have started on them last year, but then... life happened. And death.

But, I've done all the recordings for "Aegyir Rises" and I'm currently going through them, doing the edits. That's both time-consuming and mind-numbingly dull, which means my head has far too much time and so is free-wheeling, and the two new characters who've been nipping my head for a few weeks are now in full-blown fog-horn bellowing mode.

Thanks for that.

The great news is, that I'll have plenty to write about once I finish doing all the audiobooks.

The bad news is, I shall be recording/editing audiobooks until the end of October, I think! Unless I speed up significantly!

I'm not actually exaggerating. If it's taking me 4 weeks to do "Aegyir Rises", it will take me about the same for "Aeron Returns", maybe a smidgen longer. Probably at least a week longer for "War" (it's a much longer book) - so maybe 5 weeks; possibly even 6. 4-5 weeks to do "Invasion". 5 weeks to do "Chaos" (unless my editor has managed to lose about 5K words from it for me). Plus I'm away on holiday for a couple of weeks, and I'll need 2-3 weeks on finalising "Chaos" and getting the paperback interior sorted, and the Kindle version etc. etc. So, hmm... yeah... Maybe by the end of October I can actually get back to writing. Unless I go insane first with the audiobooks!