Flaky builders and ice-cream...

The builder is not replacing the roof this week. Which means I get to stand in the corner all day, in my recording tent, reading "Chaos" out loud (and recording it, ready for the audiobook).

I always read my books out loud as a final edit/proofread. Since I'm doing it anyway, I might as well record it, and then I'll have the files ready for when I can get time to edit/process them for the audiobook.

Despite it only being a few weeks since I was last standing in the corner in a tent all day, I'm out of practice and after just one day, my throat's a bit raspy. I'm 100% sure that ice-cream will fix that. Can't hurt, anyway! There's also been a lot of sighing and there may even have been a bit of efferty jefferty with myself for being unable to read properly.

But it's all coming together. The advance readers will have their copies very soon, and the launch date is set for 29th April. I have some author interviews lined up, and a gig in Edinburgh on the 28th (more on that next week).

I'm also going to be doing a giveaway for newsletter readers, so if you've not signed up before now, make sure you do. There's a sign-up box right below.

Right. Time for ice-cream!