Out of the tent...

 ...and on to processing. Which is dull. But necessary. Especially as after a short while of recording, I seem to lose the ability to read, or to speak properly!

I'm following the system outlined by Derek Doepker, which recommends a "clap-back" method. When I make a mistake (or need to cough, or clear my throat etc.) I clap my hands and keep on recording. When I come to edit the file, the claps show up really clearly, to indicate where the errors are and it's pretty straightforward to edit the mistakes etc. out.

Processing the files takes me about 4x as long as recording them did. After removing the errors, I then also need to remove breath sounds and mouth sounds; I need to check the gaps between sentences are the right length (sometimes I've had to swallow so the gap is longer). I need to check I actually read out what was on the page (and fix it if I didn't!). After all that, I need to sort out noise reduction and apply filters etc. though that is probably the quickest part of the process.

Given that we have various guests coming over the next couple of weeks, I suspect it will be the very end of August or into September before I've finally finished processing them and am ready to upload them to ACX and Findaway. It's all a slow process!