On needing a notebook for 'playing'

I've started recording "Invasion". I think it will take me about three weeks to record the files, plus some I realised I need to re-do for "Chaos" and process them through the first stage of editing. After that is a long haul of processing all of "War", "Invasion" and "Chaos" to their final stages. If I don't give myself something else to be doing while I slog through all that, I will go crackers!

Enter... a 'playtime book'. A place where, at the end of a day of processing audiofiles, I can 'play' for an hour or so. Not really planning anything new, just playing around with ideas and characters. Or just doodling. Trying to encourage the Muse to come back out of retirement.

Naturally, since I also write and review for Nero's Notes, I have a gazillion notebooks in the cupboard! Which one to use? That kind of question has paralysed me for days in the past. (Not even joking!)

Image from Nero's Notes, with permission

But I think this time, it might have to be the Pebble Notebook I reviewed here. It's dot grid, which in all honesty, isn't perhaps my favourite (I prefer lined) but the paper is amazing (Tomoe River, for those in the know) and as it's dot-grid, it probably won't make it to a final cut for a notebook in which to plan a book.

It seems a shame to have such a splendid notebook and not use it, and it would be a luxurious reward at the end of a long day of processing, to have it as my 'playtime book'.

Fancy a playtime book of your own? You can get the Pebble notebook from Nero's Notes in blue here, and in grey here.