"War" now recorded!

Okay, only recorded, not processed and ready to actually purchase... but all the audiofiles have now been recorded. Hooray!!!

I had originally intended to record all the files for "War" and "Invasion" ("Chaos" is already recorded, though not edited/processed yet) and then do all the edits/processing, but my voice won't hold out for more than a morning, so I've been recording in the morning and doing the first stage of edits in the afternoon. Slower in some ways, but more manageable.

I've ended up shifting where my weekend is. It's much quieter on a Sunday than it is in the week, so my working week is now running Sunday to Thursday, giving me Friday and Saturday as weekend days. The back of the house, where the recording tent is, is pretty quiet and as far from traffic as I can get and still be inside, but the noise from the lorries that thunder past the front of the house can make it through to the back. Almost invariably coinciding with when I'm doing a second take of a line I've just messed up, meaning I need a third take!

I'm hoping to have all the recording for "Invasion" done over the next three weeks, and then the slower process of the second stage of editing/processing of the three books ("War", "Invasion" and "Chaos") will take me until probably Christmas. But at least the recording tent can come down this year!

Four down. One to go.

I'm getting there. I am. I really am!

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