No plan survives contact...

 ...with the enemy.

I'd be hard pushed to say "life" was really an enemy, but my plan of being done with the audiobooks by the end of the year is in tatters. Why? A number of things, which I guess could all loosely be described as "life".

Partly it's because I was wildly over-optimistic about how much audiobook file processing I could stand to do in a day. About an hour of audiobook takes about 4 hours of processing, and there are a lot of hours to process. Given that I can't actually spend all day on audiobook processing (even if I wanted to, which I don't), I'm only getting through about an hour of recordings a day. At that rate, I'll be done in Spring 2023!

Partly it's due to health issues: I'm not feeling 100% and there are days when I can barely face sitting down at the laptop to do anything, never mind process the audiobook stuff. Migraines have been bad recently and these just wipe me out. They also tend to plague me on the exact days I might have a full day at stuff.

Partly it is just Life. Other people need me, so I never have a 40-hour working week at writing stuff (whether that's audiobooks, writing, marketing, all of the above). At best, I have about a 24 hour week. I do marketing stuff on one day and other writing stuff on three days of the week, maximum. A lot of weeks, those four days get chipped away. This week (for example) I'll be doing well if I get one day at it.

It's okay. I knew it would be a long haul. I know there's no deadline or time limit on any of it. It will be done when it's done. The more I stress about it, the more I'm unwell, which is counterproductive. And you know what? I left work so that I could protect my health and not be ill with stress all the time, so if spending a day away from work, working on designing a sweater, or walking on the beach is better for me than forcing myself to do work, why would I not do that?