30 minute timers...

... yep. Back to needing to use them to get any kind of enthusiasm for audiobook recording going. "Just do 30 minutes" will invariably lead to me actually getting my head in the right place and doing more than that. I just need to get started. And even though I know the 30 minutes will undoubtedly turn into more, my brain is still fooled by the promise of "Just 30 minutes and if you still don't want to do any, you can stop, but at least you'll have done 30 minutes."

Why am I struggling with this so much? Well, partly it's because it's quite a tedious process... I'm at the stage of cutting out all the sound between sentences, to remove breath sounds and mouth clicks and so on. It takes about 3x as long as the actual recording is to do this, and check I've not clipped something I shouldn't. It has to be done, both because it makes a much better experience for the listener not to have me wheezing away, but also, quality control will (quite rightly) reject the files when I upload them if the breath sounds and mouth clicks and so on are still in there.

But the other reason I'm struggling to get on with this, is because I'm tired and running on empty at the moment. The anniversary of losing Dad hit me hard. My "get up and go" seems to have got up and gone somewhere else. And the audiobook processing seems to have no end!

30 minute chunks. I'll get there. Eventually.

In the meantime, please send cake?