I've started a new notebook...

Regular readers will know that this means that the Little People In My Head are finally talking loudly enough that I think there might be a new book brewing.

No promises. These are still early days.

It has also proved to be A Good Carrot.

I'm currently working my way through processing the audiofiles for "Invasion". It is really helping me keep my backside in the chair and my headphones on to know that if I clear the work, I get to play with the new book at the end of the day.

The (vague) aim is to spend time in January planning the book, then try to write for an hour at the end of each work day after I've finished processing the audiobooks. With any luck, by the time I have the audiobooks finished, I will also have a decent plan for the book and a few thousand words written.

I'm currently researching how to market the book and what 'the market' wants (to try to avoid doing what I did with The Guardians series, which was write a series that has proved really challenging to market!). It's been interesting to see what Publisher Rocket thinks the UK search terms are and what the US would use. What works well in the UK often does nothing in the US. Of course, that makes it slightly trickier ultimately, because the same set of keywords are used for all the marketplaces. I wish we could set different keywords for the different markets, but sadly we can't.

Here's hoping that putting the legwork in now with the market research will pay off in the end.