"So, that's you almost finished with the book, then?"

The words of my running buddy, when I told him I'd finished the last edit.

Um, no...

Still to do (at that point) and in no particular order:

  • register the ISBN
  • draw up a cover brief
  • send the cover brief to cover designer
  • sort out keywords for the metadata
  • sort out the blurb for the back of the paperback and the sales page
  • send book to beta readers
  • incorporate any feedback from beta readers
  • run the book through ProWritingAid (again)
  • proofread
  • finalise the paperback interior
  • finalise the Kindle version
  • write a short-story to give away to people joining my mailing list
  • sign off on the cover
  • set up the sales page
  • update the back matter of all my other books to include new one
  • set up an auto ad on Amazon
  • set up category ads on Amazon
  • sort out keywords for KW ads on Amazon
  • update social media accounts with new cover
  • update website
  • create promo images
  • sign up on book promotion sites
  • remind my ARC readers to post a review once the book is live
  • claim the book on Goodreads, BookBub, Amazon etc., once it's live

and I'm sure I've missed plenty off that list!

But yeah... I've "almost finished with the book"