I've gained an initial!

I don't have a middle name. My parents said they had enough difficulty choosing one name for me. Which has been fine, up until now. I am "no middle name". Like Reacher.

Except, when I publish the next book, I need to have a slightly different name, because it's in (yet) another genre. I didn't realise it, earlier in my career, but things like the Amazon algorithm get terribly confused when you publish in different genres but all under the same name.


Consequently, the new book will be published under Amanda M Fleet.

Why not "Mandy Fleet"? Or "Manda Fleet"?

Because I don't like either of those names. I have never been called Mandy (and have no desire to ever be called that), and although loads of my family seem incapable of putting the first A in my name, I'm no fan of Manda, either. (If I'm being 100% honest, I don't especially like the name Amanda much)

Why M? No particular reason. I was going to go for J, but after doing a Google search found there was an Amanda Jayne Fleet, and I didn't want to muddy the waters. Searching for Amanda M Fleet mostly brought up things relating to me. More importantly, there weren't any Amanda M Fleets on Amazon, so I wouldn't be treading on any toes, or competing with anyone.

I had wondered about going for an entirely different name altogether (something I did like!), but in the end I thought that might make the book not feel like mine in some way.

Keep your eyes peeled for title reveals and cover reveals!