Special Offers

I have never seen other authors as competitors. Far from it. I'm not an especially fast or prolific reader and I can read 40-50 books in a year. Many readers can read 3 or 4 times that (or more!). Since no writer can ever write books as fast as readers can read them, I see other authors as colleagues and friends and try to promote them and their books whenever I can.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to interview Eleanor Rousseau (catch up with her interview here) and next week, I will be interviewing Katie Zaber - make sure you come back and check that out.

This month, I'm pleased to be part of several promotions. Please do check them out. There are some great books and offers in them.

Happy reading! Go fill your Kindles!

To Fantastical New Worlds and Beyond

Tired of this world? Find new adventures in this big selection of fantasy set partially or entirely on a different world. All of them are available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited.

Check out the books here.

Unlimited Fantasy Deals

A selection of over 80 fantasy books on sale, all of them available to read for free in Kindle Unlimited. Offers end 3rd March, so be quick!

Check out the books here.

Fierce Females in Fantasy (to fall in love with)

Like your heroines feisty? Check out this selection of books on sale, all of which feature a fierce female lead.

Young Adult Paranormal and Urban Fantasy

Big selection of free short stories, novellas and books, but don't miss out as this ends 28th February.
Check it out here.