Back to the tent...

The tent, lurking behind the sofa

Yes, as the UK heads for a heatwave, I'll be back in my recording tent. Thankfully, there's no heatwave predicted for where I am in bonny Scotland.

Are the little people in my head talking to me again, yet? Nope.

Do I want to be recording the audiobooks? Also nope.

Do I want to start editing "A Promise Through Time"? Another nope.

Marketing? Yeah, right. That's never a yes!


Can I actually spend all day reading/gardening/knitting/crocheting without going (even more) mad?

Er... nope.

I've decided to crack on with the recordings so that at least they're done, while waiting for the little people to start talking to me again. I have several months of work to do... let's hope that once it's all done, the voices are back. And if not, at least the audiobooks are done and I can take the tent down!