Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Book finds: April 2017

Each month I showcase books that I've loved reading. Some of them might be best sellers, but the majority of them won't be. April has been a difficult month, so I only have two to share with you and they are both by an author I've just discovered: Harry Bingham.

They are:

Why do I love them? The main character, DC Fiona Griffiths is just wonderful. Very quirky, totally unlike any other police character I've come across before and very, very funny at times. I love the way her mind works and how she sees things so differently sometimes. The books are tightly plotted and with lots of twists and turns and an enjoyable read throughout. I've been reading a lot of crime recently and these are far and away the best I've read in a while. I hope you enjoy them too!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Forgive me for silence...

My beloved cat, Sylvester, had to be put to sleep this week. He was 15 and, if you are an animal-lover, you will hopefully understand that I'm devastated by his loss.

I can't face writing blog posts at the moment. Forgive me for the silence.
Sylvester, in healthier days. RIP my old friend.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Meet the Author: Liz Mistry

Liz Mistry
This month's author is Liz Mistry whose first book Unquiet Souls came out last year. Her second book, Uncoiled Lies has just been released. Liz is another "Crime in the Spotlight" author who featured in Bloody Scotland last year and I'm delighted to be able to interview her.

Your first two novels, "Unquiet Souls" and "Uncoiled Lies" are the first two in a series. Did you always intend to write a series? How many in the series are currently planned out?
I had the idea for Gus as a character years ago and he kept me company when I went through a very bad spell of depression. His father Fergus came to mind later and I love writing the dynamics between the father and son. Initially, "Uncoiled Lies" was to be the first book in the series but then I got the idea for "Unquiet Souls" and it seemed to sit better as the first book. I think I’ve got at least another three Gus books in my mind at the moment, but I’m sure as I write I’ll come up with more ideas. I also have an idea for a spin off series but that’s in the very early stages.

What are you working on at the moment? I know Uncoiled Lies has just been released. Are you taking a break or are you straight into something new?
I got my publication deal with Bloodhound Books when I was 52, so I’m making up for lost time now. I’m well into book number three which will provisionally be called "Untainted Blood".