Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Updates on the cats...

I think we have adopted two hooligans...

We got them about two and a half weeks ago and they were traumatised after being rescued from a domestic violence situation. The first weekend, they were pretty shell-shocked still and mostly hid under things, though the one with Tippex on his ear (Nero) was brave enough to come and sit on the sofa and get fuss and cuddles, even on the first night. His brother (no Tippex on his ear; called Max) wasn't quite so brave but did accept fuss and treats. [The Tippex was put on Nero by the rescue shelter, to tell them apart!]

For the first few days, we mostly saw black streaks as they zoomed in/out of rooms. Both of them appear to like lying on tables and worktops (!) though they leap off and skedaddle if you go into the room where they're doing that. Max also quite likes the old cat bed in the lounge and Nero likes a sofa. Both of them have steadfastly refused to sleep in the new cat bed we bought specially for them.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

"The Call"

My first novel, originally called "The Wrong Kind of Clouds", has been re-published by Joffe books. It's now called "The Call" and is available from today!
The Call

What if your ex-boyfriend called you, desperately asking for life-or-death help?

Summer Morris gets a phone call from her ex-lover Patrick begging for help. But he’s cut off before he can give her all the details.

He’s in deep trouble. She would have been happy to never hear from him again, but can she really refuse to help a man whose life is in danger?

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Two new additions to the house...

You may recall that we lost our beloved cat, Sly, back in Spring. At the time, I said 'Never again - I can't go through this again.' In many ways, I'm still mourning his loss, but hubby and I decided that we could offer a home to a couple of rescue cats.

We phoned the local cat shelter last week, partly to enquire about whether they had any suitable cats (we really wanted younger cats and a pair) and partly, if they hadn't, to give them our details. I'd seen a couple of three-year-olds on their website and hubby and I had discussed taking them if they still had them. Anyway, when I called the shelter, they said they had just had a pair of 15-month-old male cats brought in, but they were completely traumatised at the moment, having been rescued from a domestic violence situation.

We have no children, a reasonable sized house and garden, and lots of patience and time, so we were an ideal match for taking them. We went to see them last Thursday and on Saturday, they arrived home.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

I've joined the CWA...

I feel like a real card-carrying writer now! Not only do I actually have a card from the Society of Authors to say I'm a writer, but I've also been accepted as a member of the Crime Writers' Association.

I guess I genuinely can call myself a crime-writer now!