Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Lies That Poison is half price!

My latest book, Lies That Poison is available to buy from Amazon now! And for this week only, it's half price at 99p. Go grab a bargain!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Launch date and cover reveal

The book I've been calling "Poisonous Minds" forever, has had a name change, gained a cover and acquired a launch date!

It's now called Lies That Poison and will be published by Joffe Books next week! The launch date is 25th September, 2017 and there's a Facebook launch party for it on the 24th - see the details for that here. I'd be delighted if you came along and joined in!

And the cover...?

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Bloody Scotland 2017

At the weekend, I was back in Stirling for Bloody Scotland, and what a fantastic time I had! After exhausting myself last year by going to FAR too many events (as well as burning through entire adrenal glands with nerves over doing my Crime in the Spotlight slot), I decided I would try and pace myself a bit more this year and also catch up with people between events better than I did last year.

I didn't manage to make it to Stirling for the opening gala, but various friends have told me just how much of a fantastic event I missed. It was apparently the only place to be on Friday night and the torchlight procession through Stirling looked amazing. The winner of the McIlvanney prize was announced - Denise Mina for "The Long Drop" just before the procession too.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Murder and Mayhem

L-R Lesley Kelly, Wendy Jones, me, Jackie McLean, Chris Longmuir
Photo credit: Wendy Jones
A couple of Saturdays ago, a posse of writers descended on Arbroath Library for a morning of Murder and Mayhem. The picture above shows us all larking about (for a photographer from the local paper) before the session.

The event was absolutely hilarious! One of the audience was the 'murder victim' who took a sip of a drink and then fell to the floor as if poisoned. At least one of the audience thought it was for real and started to leap up to help!

At this point, one of the library staff, Christine, donned a police officer's hat and brandished a plastic truncheon and 'arrested' all the authors on suspicion of murder. We then had to answer a set of questions, after which the audience had to guess which of us was 'guilty'.