Monday, 25 December 2017

Season's Greetings!

A very quick post to hope that all my readers have a wonderful holiday (if they're managing to get one) and all best wishes for 2018. I will be back blogging again in the New Year.

Off to rescue the Christmas tree from the two hooligans... and then have a bit of cake!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Developing Characters

I hasten to say, our flip chart notes were better than this!
A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Sandra Ireland and I, along with Chris Longmuir, ran a slightly impromptu character development session, at one of the author events we were doing. Slightly impromptu, as we were covering for another writer who had been stranded in North Uist by the weather and had only had a couple of hours' notice that we were doing a second event!

The session went really well - we got the audience to develop a character from scratch with us, starting with general things (male or female? Colour of hair? Married/divorced/separated/single etc?) but as we got more details up on the flip chart, the beginnings of a plot started to crystallise too, emphasising how much a plot can be character-driven. A plot may take many different turns if a different character was involved... imagine Outlander, but instead of the character Jamie being a tall, strong, stubborn Highlander, he was an eighteenth century fop. Or how different any of your favourite novels would be, if you swapped the main characters for ones from a different book.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

My Positivity Journal

For Christmas last year, my lovely husband bought me a gorgeous book where I could keep good memories. Then, when I'm feeling low, I can look through the book, remember all these wonderful times and feel uplifted.

The book he bought me was the same as this one (I blogged about it last year, here):

It's absolutely glorious, with marbling on the sides of the pages, a beautiful leather cover and high quality paper.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Busy week!

Some weeks I have almost nothing in the diary... others (like last week) are packed!

As well as all the normal things I have in my week (family commitments; Life PLC etc), I had three events last week - a Murder and Mayhem event in Braehead, Glasgow; a Book Week event at Forfar; and the CWA Christmas lunch in Edinburgh.