Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Reviews for The Wrong Kind of Clouds

It's a scary thing, letting your book loose. People can read it. People can review it. They might love it (yay!)... they might hate it... (aagh!).

I confess to having had huge nerves when I've seen that a new review has gone up. Thankfully they have been largely positive (though a couple have left me scratching my head).

I'm delighted that a few bloggers have been kind enough to give me an honest review in exchange for a copy of the book. I've highlighted my favourite bits of their reviews, but the links will take you to the full version.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Back to the grindstone...

Back to work time... But it's only work if you don't enjoy it. In reality, it's more play-time!

Well, the holiday is over. Much walking was walked, much wine was imbibed and several snakes were seen. But that's Yorkshire for you.

[There really were snakes! Here are a couple of pictures of them!]
Adult adder
Just a baby!

But, it's now time to get back to work (though frankly, I love this kind of 'work') and I have a scarily HUGE list of stuff to work through. First up is proof-reading through the next novel before it goes off to my editor. There's also the never-ending treadmill of publicity and marketing to get back on top of and then I have a decision to make. I kid you not, I have six (yes... six) other major projects I could work on and no idea which to tackle first. More on all that soon.

Happy holidays (for those still escaping work)!

Oh, almost forgot. I have another Goodreads giveaway... ends 31st July, 2016.

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Friday, 1 July 2016

On holiday...

I shall be taking a short  break for a couple of weeks...

In the meantime, go and check out Stuart Lennon's interview of me... here.

Back soon!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Post-It notes

Post-It notes

I love Post-It notes! I have drawers full of them. I use them pretty much daily. I have a rubber-stamp from Etsy (seller is CoolJapanStamp; see here for shop) of a To-Do checklist that fits perfectly on the 3" square Post-Its, giving me a portable To-Do list that can get moved from diary to desk to wherever.

Post-It To Do stamp
Post-It notes plus To-Do stamp

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Writing in a coffee shop...

Writing in a coffee shop... cliché?

It's almost become a cliché. Maybe it has now become a cliché - writer scribbling/tapping away in a busy coffee shop... but there's no denying it, many of us do get more work done like that.

New Scientist had a short feature recently on why that might be (which you can find here). They suggested that it might be related to the fact other people were busy that made you concentrate on work - almost a competitive aspect: "I can work harder than you can" perhaps. Or that the atmosphere of people concentrating hard influenced others to work hard too. In other words, just the sounds of a busy coffee shop wouldn't be enough (sorry Coffitivity... though I do quite like listening to your coffee shop sounds while I'm working at home!). You would actually need to be in a place with people working hard around you.

My theory is that it's because you're in public. Yes, you could be browsing away, reading Facebook, or entering the time-suck that is Twitter ("2 new Tweets" - oh I'd better click to see them), and it's your own business if you are... but, you went to the coffee shop to work and everyone and his brother can see that you're not doing any work at all! It doesn't matter that no-one cares what you're doing. You know you're bunking off and that makes you focus.

I don't go to write in a coffee shop all that often. When I do, it's usually for a change of scenery, to try and give myself a little writing boost. My reasoning is: if it goes well, I get some writing done. If it doesn't go well, I can at least people-watch and make notes on what they say/wear/order etc. so the afternoon won't be wasted.

What about others? Do you get lots done? Or do you get distracted?

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Launch night!

Me looking nervous at the start

The Wrong Kind of Clouds is launched! That makes it sound like a ship... I suppose there was champagne invoved but none of it got smashed against the books, thankfully!

The launch was at Waterstones in St Andrews, who have been absolutely brilliant to me, from first approach to them onwards. I seriously can't praise them enough.

I've given thousands of lectures and never been as nervous as I was at the launch. Thankfully, everyone was absolutely fabulous and supportive.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Launch day approaches!

Display in Waterstones
(gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!)

It's nearly here! The launch is on Thursday at 6.30pm in Waterstones, St Andrews. My Rotary Club (The Howe of Fife) are turning up en masse to support me and as far as I know, a reasonable crowd from the university (where I used to work) are also intending to rock up. I'm really hoping that the place is full, not least for Waterstones' sake as they have been SO good to me!

I'd hoped to just bimble around and smile stupidly for most of the evening, while working hard at not spilling wine on me, a customer or any books, but it transpires I'm supposed to read something out and answer questions.


My fears are daft. I know that. I used to lecture as my job. Put me in front of 300 students to teach them about the body and I wouldn't even blink. Ask me to read out the opening chapter of my book... I'm nervous. Really, really nervous.

I'm trying to pacify myself with the thought that everyone there will be a friend and will have chosen to come and support me, or I don't know them but they are interested and want to hear me talk about the book.

It's not working 100%. I feel horribly exposed. What if I read out the first chapter and everyone rushes to get a refund on the book they've just purchased? Or smiles sympathetically? Or get so bored they start chatting amongst themselves?

Everyone keeps telling me to relax and enjoy it - you only get one debut after all - and hopefully I will once I'm there and everyone is smiling encouragingly. Until then, I may be panicking a tad...

I'll let you all know how it went once it's over!

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